Band Bio :

In 1980 south of Montreal in Saint Bruno, Quebec, Rick Hughes(Vocals), Dan Hughes(Drums), Mike Plant(Guitars) & Mike Larock(Bass) formed Sword.

1986 saw the release of their debut album ''Metalized'', it was welcomed by critics, and would become a reference as one of the top heavy metal albums of the 80's. It was followed by the equally strong ''Sweet Dreams'' in 1988. Subsequent  world tours would follow the release of these two albums including opening spots with Metallica (MOP Canada), Alice Cooper, Motorhead, & Metal Church. 

They would disband in 1992 after lack of support from their label as grunge was taking over the music industry. Rick made one more try at it with the band ''Saints & Sinners'' , it was also welcomed by critics and fans but the genre was being snubbed and the label folded. 

The guys went on to become prominent local session players , took over regular jobs, had kids and lived happily ever after... until 2011 when the inevitable happened :

 Sword regrouped !  Doing a few shows , working on new material... Its good to be back.