In 1980 south of Montreal in Saint Bruno, Quebec, Rick Hughes(Vocals), Dan Hughes(Drums), Mike Plant(Guitars) & Mike Larock(Bass) formed Sword.

1986 saw the release of their debut album ''Metalized'', it was welcomed by critics, and would become a reference as one of the top heavy metal albums of the 80's. It was followed by the equally strong ''Sweet Dreams'' in 1988. Subsequent  world tours would follow the release of these two albums including opening spots with Metallica (MOP Canada), Alice Cooper, Motorhead, & Metal Church. 

They would disband in 1992 after lack of support from their label as grunge was taking over the music industry. Rick made one more try at it with the band ''Saints & Sinners'' , it was also welcomed by critics and fans but the genre was being snubbed and the label folded. 

The guys went on to become prominent local session players , took over regular jobs, had kids and lived happily ever after... until 2011 when the inevitable happened :

 Sword regrouped !  Doing a few shows , working on new material... Its good to be back. 

Dan Hughes

The Drummer. His Bonham inspired drumming kept him busy behind his kit either working with Canadian rock band Too Many Cooks and his sister Lulu Hughes or one of his brother  Rick's different projects. He also played with a variety of local acts. Off the stage you'll find him coaching hockey and soccer with his kids. Dan is also a freelance cameraman. Most often covering local sports for Quebec's TVA Sports station. Sword's come back in 2011 pushed him to get back in shape to do 2 hours straight of heavy metal drumming and he couldn't be happier ! 

Mike Plant

Our lead guitar player is also the band's leader. Mike as kept busy over the years working with various local artists as a studio session player or live touring. His main act for the past 15 years as been ''Les Porn Flakes'' a Quebec variety band that only has special guests as singers. To date he as worked with over 100 singers from all over the world with the likes of Dee Snider and most recently Vince Neil. He also keeps in shape working the yard for a landscaping store. But the stage and playing his songs are his calling.... 

Band Bio :

​Rick Hughes 

Our lead vocalist , is also known in Quebec for is popular french solo career that as him touring locally constantly. He was seen for 10 years on the hit Quebec TV musical quiz show ''La Fureur'' as vocalist with the house band. He also did a 8 year stint as back vocalist for Quebec's french rocker Éric Lapointe.  He also keeps himself vocally in shape by working with a Led Zep tribute band and his own rocking  band  " the Rick Hughes Show."

  As of late, he has been pretty busy with the ''American Story Show'' , a rocking musical that has local critics excited and the many sell outs have proved them right. Add to all that Sword, and you have one pretty busy LV. 

Mike LaRock 

Our bass player , the strong quiet type. He's kept his hand over the years by teaching guitar lessons and jamming with his friends. He made it up the ladder  working in the warehousing business while raising his many children. When the phone rings and its time to Sword-up, the beast awakes and he's ready to make the earth shake. 

Meet the Band :